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Make plans to leave

The government has come up with another plan that it thinks will help the nation develop in a balanced way. In order to persuade businesses to go to the provinces, it plans to reduce taxes while also helping entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary land, human resources and business infrastructure.
Nevertheless, taking a closer look at this so-called policy, it looks more like a wish list than a plan. It’s not clear how the government expects to find the funds that will be required and how much tax it plans to cut. It all looks like a stale repetition of earlier schemes that are now gathering dust.
Considering the recent change in the political landscape, there is also no guarantee that any necessary laws will be passed by the National Assembly. So this regional business plan is just an impulsive proposal without a time frame, the possibility of being implemented or the will to enforce it.
There has been no status report on the first phase of the government’s plan to develop the nation in a balanced way, the one that the administration has been trying to implement since it came to power, nor any self-critical analysis of that plan’s shortcomings. Nevertheless, the Presidential Committee on Balanced Development has made a report to the president on this future plan as part of an announcement to the nation. Had they said the event was planned solely to make the president happy it would have been better.
What is happening here? The government seems to be busy making announcements about rosy long-term plans that will take more than a decade to implement. For instance, investment plans without any thought about funding. A plan for long-term lease housing and one for the educational system are all part of this avalanche of plans that give an impression they have been devised by people who were not really concentrating.
All these are long-term plans that cannot even commence during the administration’s remaining term and all have significant shortcomings. The government says it will make another announcement on Monday about its plan for the aging population. One worries this will also be half-baked nonsense.
What is the point of making a string of plans that are similar to promises made by presidential candidates? If this is supposed to help President Roh avoid feeling like a lame duck and project an image of an administration that’s still in business, let’s stop that. Rather than making new policies, it would be better to abandon failed policies, normalize the management of the nation and transfer it smoothly to the next administration.
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