Too-great expectations

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Too-great expectations

Higher education is blamed as one of the factors that aggravates youth unemployment. The Hyundai Economic Institute reported that the number of university graduates has exceeded the demand from industries and that the high expectations of the graduates are worsening youth unemployment.
The solution for people seeking jobs is for them to lower their expectations. A total of 76 percent of graduates seeking jobs rejected offers due to low salaries or unwanted work conditions. Surely everyone wants a good, highly paid job. But if everybody looks only toward landing a dream job, the result will be a nightmare for everybody. The spirit of accepting a challenge is needed if an offered job is not the desired job.
Small and medium-sized companies are short by 200,000 new recruits. It is a great loss for the state, as well, that young people look for comfortable and safe jobs such as civil service.
Surely young people are not entirely to blame. It is difficult, in reality, to move from a part-time job to a regular job or from a low-paid to a high-paid job or from a small to a large company. Thus, there is much pressure to find a dream job.
The focus of the government’s policy should be to change from making a so-called social job quota, which nobody really wants, to tackling the rigidity of the labor market and balancing supply and demand.
It is ludicrous that the human resources department of the government has wasted seven years discussing only nominal issues.
Universities must also change. They should raise graduates with marketable skills that companies want.
Parents should be less protective of their children. Educate young minds to realize it would shame them to rely on their parents even after graduating from the university.
Sound parenting fosters sound children, and such families constitute a sound society.
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