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Buildings wise investment?

Two buildings to promote the government’s policy for balanced development in all regions and in the new administrative city have been built in Yeongi-gun, South Chungcheong province. In total, 2.5 billion won ($2.65 million) and 4.5 billion won were used for each building.
The government says that these buildings will be used for public relations to promote the necessity of balanced development across the country and in the new administrative city.
In fact, local people in this area designated to be developed into a city are leaving with compensation money for the construction site and buildings. It is hard to understand that the government expects people to come here even as locals are leaving. It also is hard to grasp why it built two buildings for promotion.
Because the buildings are located in this deserted place, not many visitors come to these buildings each day. Money is wasted for guides and maintenance.
If the government wants to develop all areas in balance, it should focus on the job. We wonder why promotion is needed for the task. The construction of the new administrative city has not even started, but a building to publicize the necessity of it has already been built.
Some even suspect that the government needs these fancy buildings because the new administrative cities or innovation cities that the government has been working on are not legitimate enough.
Balanced development in all regions and construction of new administrative cities have been promoted with booklets, through TV programs and on the Web Site of the Blue House.
As if that was not enough, the government has constructed buildings at enormous cost.
There is too much publicity in this government. The government has put excessive publicity ahead of the people. Instead, it should let the people know its achievements naturally.
To focus on publicity seems to be an act of saying in advance what one will do, rather than actually doing something. The government seems intent on pursuing populist policies, relying on temporary support from the people.
It would be more effective to use the money spent on public relations to develop local areas that fall behind.
While it is in office, the government must focus on establishing policies and implementing them instead of promoting its work.
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