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[Game review]Star wars Battlefront 2


Star wars Battlefront 2

Anyone who is a big fan of the “Star Wars” series is unlikely to be disappointed with the Playstation portable game “Star Wars: Battlefront 2.”
The game provides the excitement of being a part of the film, as players can become a Sith Lord or a Jedi master after they have progressed through various skill levels.
Players can also travel throughout the Star Wars universe, including all the planets that appear in the six films of the series, such as Naboo, Dagobah and the far moon of Ando.
Of course, players start the game as a low level infantry soldier, whether it’s for the rebels or the imperial army.
From here, players can move up to Jedi or Sith level, so long as they complete their assigned tasks.
Another strong point of the game is that players can jump on various vehicles, including speederbikes and hovertanks, to move around planets. And they can battle in space while piloting starfighters.
Flying these ships is not easy at first, because the craft must be controlled by using the analog stick. If the player is not careful with the controls the starfighter can easily crash into one of the star destroyers.
The galactic conquest mode is another exciting aspect that allows players to conquer different planets throughout the galaxy.
The conquest mode is very much like chess, but the action is not very different from the single player mode, in the sense that the battle scenes and space contests take the same form.
The instant challenge mode allows players to engage in little battles such as taking over an enemy’s command post or stealing their flag.
The players can choose from different types of soldiers, from basic infantry to snipers.
Those who have played the PC shooting game “Counter Strike” may find “Battlefront” easy as the way enemies in both games swarms everywhere is the same. As with “Counter Strike,” assailants in “Batttlefront” can attack from behind.
The graphics are excellent and so is the soundtrack, which brings back memories from the film, as the music is the same.
There is a problem, however, with the map. When engaging in a battle, enemies appear on the map in red triangles.
After the enemy is defeated, the triangles remain on the screen for sometime.
This can confuse players, making them feel as if another enemy is nearby.
A further problem is the slow loading time. From time to time, while saving or loading, the screen freezes, giving the false impression that the game CD has malfunctioned.

Star wars Battlefront 2
Genre: Sci-Fi action
Platform: PSP
Publisher: Lucas Arts
Rating:★★★: Good fun, but flawed; could use some retooling.

By Lee Ho-jeong Staff Writer [ojlee82@joongang.co.kr]
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