A nauseating trio

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A nauseating trio

President Roh Moo-hyun, former Uri Party chairmen Chung Dong-young and Kim Geun-tae have been the ruling elite for the past five years, ever since the Roh administration had its gestation in 2002. They have shared their past, but now, with an eye on the future, they are locked in a fierce battle.
The president has urged Chung and Kim to leave politics. Chung and Kim, on the other hand, are hitting back at the president like there is no tomorrow.
Chung described President Roh’s actions as the “politics of terror” while Kim has criticized the president for employing tactics that only help the Grand National Party.
When all was well it was this trio that sang in unison about a party that would last 100 years but, with their sun setting, they are playing a game of betrayal.
Their petty, pathetic fights can only make one sigh and wish that grownups might get a chance to run the country. Plus this discordant trio seems to have no remorse for the last four years of misgovernment.
Among the three, nobody has the right to apportion blame. They would be better off if they spent some time in remorseful self-reflection. Instead they are busy criticizing each other.
The words they have exchanged, such as “politics of terror” are the sort usually reserved for mortal political enemies.
Only when you treat people with condescension can you engage in such acts. Do they think the people find them fascinating when they make a scene? That must be it; otherwise, how is it possible that a comrade from the past can change so much?
When one talks only about the future of the party, Chung and Kim, who have been advocating the dissolution of the party, are wrong.
President Roh himself left the very party that made him president and created the Uri Party. Thus seeds of dissolution and betrayal were sown when he left the Democratic Party and created the Uri Party.
Since there was no righteous cause, there was also a lack of camaraderie.
In times of hardship, when such weak camaraderie becomes shaky, friends will quickly turn into enemies.
This trio has served as president and ministers in the same administration, yet the way they fight with each other shows that they are no different from the old-style politicians in terms of their morality. People who voted for these men, who preached reform but took no action, look like fools now. No wonder so many people are sick of politics.
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