[Letter to the editor]Technology can cost more than money

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[Letter to the editor]Technology can cost more than money

Karen Finucan’s book, “Life in the Fast Lane,” states, “Technology promises to make our lives easier, freeing up time for leisure pursuits. . . We have adopted the relentless pace of the very machines that were supposed to simplify our lives, with the result that, whether at work or play, people do not feel like their lives have changed for the better.” After reading this passage, it made me wonder, has the technology that makes our lives easier really made it better?
One of the most common technological devices used today is the cell phone. Its use has spread in many countries and, especially in a country like South Korea, a person without a cell phone is almost considered an outcast. I would not disagree that cell phones are a great convenience, but have they made our lives better in every way? I think not.
Of course, cell phones have made our lives easier, allowing people to keep in contact with each other. However, the effects cell phones have on teenagers are troubling. A common problem Korean schools face is the use of cell phones on campus. Instead of turning them off, students use them even during class.
Another crucial effect of cell phones is that they have become a hindrance between students and their studies. Unable to resist the pleasures of cell phones, students use them to text friends and play games. A few minutes may not seem like too much time, but cell phones are addictive. Those few minutes pile up and soon the students realize they have wasted their time on cell phones.
In conclusion, cell phones may have given people the ability to stay in touch with anybody, anywhere, but they come at a high cost. A better life may not be the corollary of the prevalence of technological devices in the world today.
GiHie Lydia Che,
a senior at Chungshin Girls High School
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