Hit and run by Chinese ship

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Hit and run by Chinese ship

It is astonishing how the Chinese container carrier Jinsheng collided with the Korean freight liner Golden Rose and fled from the site without rescuing the seamen from the sinking Golden Rose.
The Chinese vessel Jinsheng left the site without any proper procedure and sailed for another seven hours to Dalian.
It was there where they reported to the authorities that the ship they had run into may have sunk.
The Chinese vessel Jinsheng was merely damaged, and was able to travel for an additional seven hours.
They obviously knew that the Golden Rose was going to sink and didn’t care about rescuing the sailors.
This not only goes against international practice, when the closest ship to a wrecked ship is to do the rescuing, but also against the basic conduct of human life.
It is an act contrary to morality, transgressing human laws.
It is obligatory for the closest ship to do the rescue, by international agreement.
Accidents in remote oceans are difficult to reach for rescue teams, so rescue by the closest ship can save more lives.
In June of last year, a Korean wood carrier, the TPC Auckland, traveled 12 hours to save an Australian on a small yacht that was wrecked near Australian waters after receiving an SOS.
At the time the Korean ship was more than 220 kilometers (136 miles) away from the wrecked Australian yacht, but it did what it had to do, despite losing $20,000 in fuel and other costs.
The Chinese ship, however, did not do its duty, even though it was responsible for the accident.
If the Chinese ship had been active in its rescue efforts, the 16 missing sailors might be back in their homes right now.
Another thing is incomprehensible.
The Chinese government, breaking diplomatic practice, waited 13 hours to report the accident to the Korean government.
It refused the Korean government’s offer to participate in the rescue.
The Korean government has to complain about the incident and demand a thorough investigation.
The Korean government was not prompt.
The Korea Coast Guard sent a one page report via fax after six hours.
Then, the fax was not noticed for another three hours.
Those responsible must be closely scrutinized.
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