[Letter to the editor]Some arguments against abortion

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[Letter to the editor]Some arguments against abortion

Recently Pope Benedict XVI visited Brazil on his first papal trip to Latin America and delivered strong words against abortion, roiling a Roman Catholic continent increasingly divided by the issue.
Abortion has always been a controversial issue as it concerns the life of an unborn child. Some religious people consider the existence of all organisms, including an embryo, as sacred.
They think abortion is equal to murder. On the other hand, there are proponents who emphasize the rights of women who may not want to bear a child or who became pregnant against their will.
From my perspective, abortion should be banned, because chaos occurs when there are no limits on behavior and abortions are very harmful to women’s health.
First of all, if abortion is legalized, too many women will want to have an abortion. Some people argue that abortion should be legalized, because there are some cases when an abortion is unavoidable, such as when the pregnancy is the result of sexual violence or when financial difficulties would make it hard to raise a child.
However, if abortion is allowed in regard to those exceptions, too many couples, whose problems are not so serious or may not have any reason except that they do not want to have a child, may want an abortion.
Couples will imprudently ignore contraception, and have an abortion when faced with unwanted pregnancy. Due to these reasons, the abortion rate will increase and disregard for life will spread in society, which will eventually lead to chaos.
Second, abortion should be prohibited because it is very harmful to women’s health. Abortion may cause damage so that a woman may not be able to get pregnant again. Then the future birthrate will decrease even more.
Furthermore, not only a woman’s physical health, but also her mental health is harmed. Almost all women who experience an abortion suffer feelings of guilt over the murder of an unborn child. Their regretful decision may torment those women for life.
Although in some cases the woman’s situation is really painful, to prevent imprudent abortions and damage to women’s health, abortion should be banned. Imprudent abortions can be prevented by contraception, and abortion is not helpful for the psychological recovery of women who had been raped.
Not only for the women concerned, but also for the whole society, prohibition of abortion is much more preferable.
Lee Kyung Min, a senior at Daewon Foreign Language High School
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