Fruit of the poisoned tree

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Fruit of the poisoned tree

Does Sohn Hak-kyu, the former Gyeonggi governor, have principles? He wanted to become the presidential candidate for the Grand National Party but he suddenly moved into the ruling party’s circle.
Sohn made Sul Hoon, a former lawmaker, a senior member of his camp. Sul was convicted of negative campaigning in the last presidential election and was pardoned a few months ago. We wonder what Sohn wants in politics and if he has any principles or integrity in his words and deeds.
Sohn served as a lawmaker, a cabinet minister and a governor as a member of the Grand National Party.
He left the party and moved to Roh’s circle but he has never given a clear explanation for his actions.
It must have been because he wanted to become president, but realized he was too far behind the other GNP contenders.
Now he has hired Sul, who spread false information to manipulate public opinion during the 2002 presidential election campaign with Kim Dae-eop. It seems he has thrown away his principles and his dignity. Sul alleged that Lee Hoi-chang, the Grand National Party’s presidential candidate in 2002, received a bribe of $200,000 from Choi Kyu-sun, a broker. The claim caused irreparable damage to Lee.
Sul claimed there was a witness and a tape recording. It turned out that he was lying. Unfortunately by that point the election was over. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison with the term suspended for three years and was banned from running for office for 10 years. But early this year, President Roh Moo-hyun pardoned him and restored his electoral rights.
It is a serious crime to spread misleading information to influence people to make wrong decisions in a presidential election.
A person who commits this crime should be banned from the political arena if we are to establish a healthy democracy.
Besides, Sul has never apologized for what he did. He still holds his head high and claims that he did nothing wrong.
The president should not have pardoned him. He committed a crime which changed the election’s result. And now he is in another candidate’s camp for the next election.
He could repeat his crime. This is an insult to the Constitution. It is wrong to invite such a person to join a political campaign. It suggests Sohn is prepared to do anything to get elected, regardless of public opinion, including spreading false information about other candidates.
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