[LETTERS] Who’s blaming the United States?

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[LETTERS] Who’s blaming the United States?

Who’s blaming the United States?
Americans are not the only ones who are baffled by the recent media reports that the hostage situation is turning out to be the fault of the United States. For all I know, this runs far from mainstream sentiment.
For one, ever wondered why over the past two weeks Koreans have not taken to the streets to hold candlelight vigils that they seem so fond of doing? That’s because Koreans clearly understand that it is the fault and responsibility of no one but the hostages themselves and hence share no sympathy as we did with Kim Sun-il. There are many who simply don’t care about the safe return of the hostages, and that’s not half-stating the hostility the hostages have suffered on the Internet. But none of that is being reported in the news. It’s as if there is a mutual collaboration between all news outlets to shut their eyes to the critical majority and to churn out stories only of grieving families and the few who are sympathetic. So I’m guessing I’m not the only one to throw my hands up with an exasperated sigh with the latest media reporting of anti-Americanism! I’m horrified at how this, along with the whole absurdity of the hostage situation, might be taken by the international community. The reporting in Korea has raised suspicions that there is a powerful hand meddling with the media. Or maybe it’s simply about dutifully keeping up a moral face, or an ingenious psychological tactic by the government to influence the Taliban or the United States.
Let’s get this straight. The country is not “grieving.” It’s simply frustrated and angry ― not at the government or the Taliban or the United States, but at the 23 missionaries who took it upon themselves to go to Afghanistan.

Jinjoo Kim, Seoul, Korea
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