[Letters to the editor] Many sympathize with the hostages

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[Letters to the editor] Many sympathize with the hostages

Why haven’t South Koreans taken to the streets to hold candlelight vigils in support of the missionaries and against the Taliban?
According to letter-writer Jinjoo Kim (Aug. 6): “That’s because Koreans clearly understand that it is the fault and responsibility of no one but the hostages themselves.” Polls indicate that two out of five Koreans want military action, but that would endanger more lives. Shim Sung-min may have prayed for his captors to his dying breath and his family donated his body to a hospital for medical research. But that doesn’t win any sympathy from the letter-writer.
“The few who are sympathetic ...” Give me a break. You conveniently exclude the special forces who would perform the military rescue at great risk to themselves out of concern for the Taliban’s “shields,” the thousands of missionaries who themselves have gone on 200 missions to Afghanistan so far, and the families of Afghan and coalition troops who’ve been killed in battle.
I favor the inclusion of hangeul in U.S. passports to commemorate the 561st anniversary of the promulgation of King Sejong’s creation, and the right of Koreans to travel anywhere in the world without being kidnapped and shot to death.
Richard Thompson, Hankuk Academy
of Foreign Studies, Yongin, Gyeonggi
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