[Letters to the editor] Missing the spirit of Gwangju

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[Letters to the editor] Missing the spirit of Gwangju

I read with great interest the articles in the J-Style section (Aug. 7) about the May 1980 incident in Gwangju. It is difficult to believe that the Korea I live in today is the same country. Today most people are so complacent they can not even be bothered to vote and their prime concern is buying luxury products.
At this very moment, 21 Korean lives are at risk because of their beliefs and desire to help other people. What is the attitude of their fellow Koreans? Complacency and indifference, and some people even blame and despise the hostages for their predicament.
I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Koreans who were imprisoned and black listed for their efforts to make Korea a democratic society. They must be ashamed and discouraged by current Korean society.
I am dumbfounded by Koreans who have neither respect nor appreciation for those who suffered and died to create a free and democratic Korea. They have no respect for those today who have the courage to stand up for their beliefs and the rights of others. Janice L. Newton,
a visiting professor in Seongnam
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