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Propagating lies

The prosecution has released interim results from its investigation into the ownership of land that is registered to Lee Sang-eun, Lee Myung-bak’s brother.
They suggest that another person actually owns the land in Dogok-dong. The prosecution implied that Lee Myung-bak, the former Seoul mayor, is the real owner. While the prosecution’s implication is no more than a hint, it nevertheless casts a shadow over the Grand National Party’s front-runner in the election campaign, so it will have a huge influence. This scandal must be cleared up.
The prosecution said if it released the results of its investigation after the GNP’s primary election, it would cause greater misunderstanding. It also said it could not reach a final conclusion because major figures did not participate in the investigation. But the testimony of those involved is not necessary to uncover the truth. If there is enough information to prove that Lee Sang-eun is not the real owner, the real owner must have also been discovered. It’s reported that this person, whose family name is Lee, handled financial transactions concerning the land and did not talk with Lee Sang-eun. If the identity of this person is determined then the actual owner of the land will be revealed. But the prosecution has only hinted at this. That means it will not take responsibility for releasing the material gathered during its investigation. If it cannot do that, it must not reveal anything. By dropping hints the prosecution makes itself look like a participant in a political conspiracy.
This release was about suspicions surrounding the land in Dogok-dong. But all other problems are linked to this. It is reported that checks associated with the sale of the land in Dogok-dong were later invested in a company called DAS.
If the real owner of the land in Dogok-dong is disclosed, the real owner of DAS will be revealed. It will also show whether that person was involved in Hongeun Planning’s investment in real estate in Cheonho-dong. Using these suspicions, the ruling party can attack Lee if he wins his party’s nomination as their candidate for the presidential election.
This cannot be left in limbo. If the prosecution’s report is correct, that will create a huge problem in the campaign for the presidential election. The former Seoul mayor must take responsibility. He said he is ready to do anything, so he must cooperate with the prosecution to find the truth. If the prosecution cannot reveal a clear basis for its suspicion, it must take responsibility for propagating a lie.
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