[Letter to the editor]Love your own body; that’s beauty

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[Letter to the editor]Love your own body; that’s beauty

The summer season is here again, which probably explains why the dieting season has come again, too.
When the summer comes around, it’s time for women to show off their beautiful bodies. But what this usually means is a body that’s skinny, not one’s unique and personal look.
I am sure many people in this country ― and perhaps in the world ― are experiencing weight obsessions and eating disorder problems; I can relate to that.
But I just want to make sure we’re doing the right thing. When you carefully look at the ads and billboards found on most buildings and seen on television, every one of them just focus on good looks, suggesting that beauty is what the average model looks like: 168 centimeters tall, weighing 48 kilos (5-feet-6 inches, 106 pounds). I want to ask a question.
Are only people who look like these models beautiful, while all others are ugly? Is this standard possible for everyone? Can we hope to become beautiful like them? Some may say yes, but I say no!
No doubt, losing weight is good for some, and better for their health.
But for too many, that’s not what it means. Too many people lose weight not just because of their health, but for their career, love life, marriage and other reasons. And for them dieting, using weight loss aids like pills and other things might help. But some people endanger their lives trying to lose weight.
Since last fall I have been losing weight by working out at a gym while eating regularly. And I feel great. I think I am really on a healthy diet. Why shouldn’t we have a better life as we try to have a beautiful body? Why can’t we love our own body? Our diet should be a way for us to make our lives happy, and it should leave us feeling good. We shouldn’t stress out trying to get down to 168 centimeters and 48 kilos.
But I think we have a long way to go to be happy, with a more realistic view of what we really are now. When you love your own body, you don’t let outsiders tell you when to feel happy about yourselves.

Moon Hee-sun, Nonhyun-dong,Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
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