Roh has gone way too far

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Roh has gone way too far

One of the most difficult creatures to handle is a person who behaves rambunctiously. When courtesy and manners are thrown away, a conversation is impossible. President Roh’s attitude these days is approaching this type of situation.
However different philosophies and political opinions may be, there is always a common ground called common sense.
Roh must consider the fact that some of his own supporters in the United New Democratic Party and the Democratic Party are now criticizing him.
The Blue House announced yesterday it is filing defamation of character charges with the prosecutors’ office against Lee Myung-bak and his top aides.
The Blue House is accusing the Grand National Party members of claiming that a conspiracy involving the National Intelligence Service and the National Tax Service to “kill” Lee Myung-bak as a presidential candidate is going on and that the president is behind the operation.
Whether the accusations are true or not, didn’t most of the opposing party members have similar assumptions in past elections? Which candidate didn’t think this way?
But even the military government refrained from taking such a case to the court.
Moreover, are the National Intelligence Service and the National Tax Service really guilt-free?
Blue House Chief of Staff Moon Jae-in has argued, “It is just a part of their work. We will correct the wrong-headed effort to win the election with lies and guile.” What is he so sure about? What information has the tax service obtained that all of a sudden it is investigating the opposition candidate and his aides at the same time? Added to that, is a secret investigation of politicians part of the official duties of the National Intelligence Service?
If the government is sure that something is dubious about the opposition camp, then it should release that information to the public. The Roh administration said Lee is a disaster for Korea. Is this possible? The Blue House even put its accusations in official briefing documents.
The presidential election is only three months away. Is the government intervening with the election despite warnings from the National Election Committee?
The people are not as ignorant as the government thinks. The Blue House is going too far. Even the candidates from the ruling camp are demanding that the government stay out of the election. The government is sincerely asked to calm down.
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