Lack of leadership

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Lack of leadership

The president wanted to be the first child of the new era, but he once lamented that he may be the last child of the old era. Regretfully, he doesn’t even come close to being a member of the family. His predecessors were indeed feeble and related to violence and iniquity, but their authority was still powerful enough. Never has the ascendancy of a president been so ridiculed in modern Korean history.
Coming down from a mountain is more difficult than climbing it. Roh and his supporters were not quiet when he was going uphill, so we have been suggesting he be cautious on the decline and save the country, again and again. However, the Roh government is stubborn. The government is tumbling down the hill like a drunk person running down a mountain and stepping on slippery rocks. The president doesn’t have a clue and still deceives people. A high staff member has misled his boss, and his ministers are running off to practice politics. Another staff member, the head of the National Intelligence Service, doesn’t realize how he conducted the Afghanistan show. Another, who claimed to be a partner of Roh during the movement for democracy, is acting as an illegal broker. The political party established by the president’s former ministers and staff miscounted the number of votes during their presidential primary ― maybe a practical joke. Government officials of the world’s 13th-largest economy miscalculated the budget and over-collected 1.7 trillion won ($18.1 billion). The political leadership is heading toward disaster and the only thing it does is demolish the press rooms in government offices.
The issue is where we are headed. The basic problem is that the country doesn’t have a leader. It is not a recent problem and it has been haunting us for more than four years. Words came out of the president’s mouth without a basis in fact or consideration. Inconsiderate moves were made and he still won’t restrain himself. When the media was raising questions on the Shin Jeong-ah issue, he said, “The media is writing novels.” But in reality, it is turning out to be a scene from a drama.
This administration has no philosophy. Prosecutors must thoroughly investigate the broker in Busan and whether there are others involved in the Shin Jeong-ah case.
A farce is happening around the Blue House in Seoul, while the president’s retirement house is being built in his hometown, Bongha Maeul in South Gyeongsang.
The house needs high walls and fences to block grievances from coming in.
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