Top-down corruption

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Top-down corruption

A policeman was arrested in connection with at least three cases of robbery and rape. The man took advantage of law enforcement techniques he learned and committed brutal crimes.
This is not the first time a police officer has broken the law. For example, in 2003, almost 1,000 were convicted of criminal charges.
However, this time it is different because of the nature of the crime. Whom can the people trust when those who are supposed to protect them are criminals?
It turned out the case showed that human resources management at the police department is very disorganized.
The criminal, who had 19 years experience as an officer, was already notorious for misconduct within the organization. He was put under special supervision, but that was all.
Moreover, the police attempted to conceal the incident. Attempts to “protect” the organization endanger proper management in the police system.
The Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption has found the police to be one of the most corrupt of all public organizations last year.
This Goyang Precinct incident signifies that the discipline of the police has collapsed. The police have no principles. In the Kim Seung-youn case, the Hanwha chairman, police executives tried to do a cover up, but it was revealed later.
At the time, some lower level police officers demanded that their head resign. Isn’t it obvious that the continuing corruption and other incidents shows the leadership has fallen apart and discipline has become meaningless?
Among others, the police organization is to blame. During a meeting to enhance transparency within the police force held a few months ago, the commissioner general vindicated corruption cases.
The commissioner, Lee Taek-sun, claimed a connection with illegal gambling center owners was only personal and the wrong doing was a simple mistake.
He ordered a more lenient penalty saying every society has a certain number of crimes. How can other incidents not happen when the head of the law enforcement organization has such an attitude?
There are police officers working in harsh environments every day to do their duty, fighting against crime. Their sacrifice cannot be ruined.
Shake up and restructure the organization.
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