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Insult to Korean military

President Roh Moo-hyun’s remarks on the Northern Limit Line went over the top. It is unbelievable that the remarks came from the president, who should be defending the territory and people of the Republic of Korea. As the commander of the armed forces, he should have maintained more dignity.
Roh said, “[The North and South] are fighting over a matter that has almost no substantial interest for both sides, like children playing a game, saying, ‘That’s your territory and that’s mine.’”
Roh degraded the sacred mission to defend the country’s territory by likening it to a children’s game. Roh also said, “Changing the current NLL doesn’t immediately threaten the country’s national security.” In other words, “It’s O.K. just to give up territory.”
What kind of president would be that ignorant about defending sovereign territory? It is unbelievable that a president can make such an absurd remark when our sons our putting their lives at risk standing at our borders, defending the line.
The children of this country who have laid down their lives defending that line were not playing some children’s game. To even think such a ludicrous thought is an insult to our armed forces. Our military should be honored, not denigrated.
Roh’s claim that we unnecessarily lost precious lives because of disputes over the NLL does not make sense. Both North and South Korea agree on the truce line. So, based on Roh’s twisted logic, clashes between the two Koreas should not be taking place. But the opposite is the reality.
Roh knows well enough about the countless incidents between the two Koreas, such as when two U.S. soldiers were killed by North Korean soldiers in 1976 while they were cutting trees in the Demilitarized Zone.
The navy and air force as well as the Defense Minister have vowed to defend the NLL, yet the commander-in-chief of our armed forces is making outrageous remarks.
This country is like a dysfunctional family, constantly sniping and making ridiculous claims and comments.
Roh should give up his absurd and arbitrary ideas about the NLL.
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