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Samsung allegations

Alleged irregularities carried out by the Samsung group have finally been handed over to the prosecution. These irregularities were raised by the former head of Samsung’s legal affairs team, Kim Yong-cheol.
In response to Kim’s allegations, the People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy and the Lawyers for a Democratic Society have filed a petition against executives of Samsung and a financial company, urging an investigation.
Kim’s claims about alleged corruption within Samsung, if proven true, raise serious concerns.
The allegations include using false names to create slush funds in different bank accounts, forging testimonies and lobbying the court over the Everland case, and regularly bribing prosecutors and finance and tax officials.
The claims would disgrace the reputation of Samsung, one of Korea’s best-known companies with far-reaching global competitiveness.
Samsung refuted Kim’s claims point by point in a press release. Kim has not made public any evidence to prove his claims and only repeats the same statement, raising skepticism about the reliability of his claims.
The fact that Kim raised the allegations just when Samsung was about to stop paying him for consultation services raises doubts.
If the claims were made based solely on his personal feelings, the Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, which arranged the press conference for Kim, must assume some degree of responsibility.
The issue is potentially explosive. The two sides’ claims stand in stark contrast to each other, thus the prosecution must investigate the case thoroughly.
Instead of hiding behind a religious group and making his allegations, Kim must present what evidence he has to the prosecutors and cooperate fully in the investigation.
Samsung, for its part, must also cooperate in the investigation and clear up any trace of suspicion.
For the sake of the nation, Samsung must make sure that it never again finds itself making the headlines in a corruption scandal.
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