Lee Hoi-chang enters race

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Lee Hoi-chang enters race

Lee Hoi-chang has left major questions unanswered by declaring his bid for the presidency.
He has made perfectly good points by referring to the “past 10 years of left-wing government.” Listed among the problems of the Roh administration are its incapability and dogmatism, the absence of law and order, lies and infringements, the threat to the economy, a North Korean policy that lacks principles, the alliance between Korea and the United States that flounders in troubled waters, an economy without an engine, the collapse of public education, and so on.
What Lee Hoi-chang said is true. In order to fix these problems, however, and to bring an end to the left-wing government the Grand National Party has nominated Lee Myung-bak to be the next president. Why, all of a sudden, is Lee Hoi-chang claiming that the very person to bring about change is Lee Hoi-chang and not Lee Myung-bak?
Lee Hoi-chang said people are worried that Lee Myung-bak is not free from issues related to honesty, law and principle. But, Lee Myung-bak has already gone through the party’s screening process. Moreover, the 50 percent approval rating for Lee Myung-bak remains.
In addition, Lee Hoi-chang has criticized Lee Myung-bak for his vague beliefs and North Korea policy. But let’s say Lee Myung-bak is what Lee Hoi-chang claims he is. As a senior party member, Lee Hoi-chang should have instead consulted Lee Myung-bak.
The biggest harm done by Lee Hoi-chang running for president is that once again a leader has broken the rules. President Roh broke the Constitution. Kim Young-sam, the former president, merged three political parties against the will of the people. Another former president, Kim Dae-jung, failed to keep a promise to introduce a parliamentary government system. Kim Jong-pil lost his identity as a conservative because of his greed for power.
And Lee Hoi-chang is following suit. The three Kims may be the ones laughing at Lee most.
The people are once again witnessing a leadership scrap about a principle established by the people. Whether they are in favor of Lee Myung-bak, or want the left-wing rule to be extended or not, the people should be able to evaluate a traitor who broke the rules. In words he condemns others for breaking rules, and then finally he himself throws out the rules. People must deal with this hypocrisy. This is the only way people can teach him a lesson.
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