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Make probe swift and fair

Kim Gyeong-jun came home to Korea yesterday and the prosecutors now have the people’s attention.
Kim is the core figure behind the manipulation of BBK’s stock price and the suspicion that Lee Myung-bak, the Grand National Party’s presidential candidate, was involved with the investment fraud. Therefore, an investigation might turn this election campaign upside down.
Depending on what prosecutors learn and what they publicize, Lee’s status as the leading presidential candidate might change a great deal.
As Lee is the front-runner, prosecutors naturally feel pressure to investigate the BBK scandal. However, prosecutors must carry out the investigation strictly and fairly, in accordance with the law and principles.
Both the ruling party and the opposition party want to lead the prosecution’s investigation in a direction that might benefit them. The Grand National Party is pressuring prosecutors, saying people will protest strongly if they manipulate the investigation.
The United New Democratic Party leaked a suspicion that prosecutors met in secret with the Grand National Party. If the prosecutors are affected by politicians’ reasoning or if they are afraid of the politicians, the foundation of democracy and the constitutionalism of our country will be shaken.
The BBK case seems complicated on the outside, but the core of the suspicion is simple. The only things that prosecutors need to determine are whether Lee is the actual owner of BBK, the now-bankrupt investment company, and whether Lee was involved with the manipulation of the stock price. Time is running out.
On Nov. 26, the presidential hopefuls must complete their registration as candidates in the election. After that date, it will be practically impossible for prosecutors to investigate any farther. As it promised before, the prosecution must carry out the investigation as quickly as possible, let voters know the truth and prevent the case from being used for political purposes.
The political circle also must not attempt to affect the investigation. Politicians must not make predictions about the investigation or hinder it with threats or groundless suspicions. These are nothing but useless political maneuverings, particularly with the presidential election just one month away. The political circle must remain quiet, observe the investigation from the outside and cooperate with prosecutors so they can implement a fair and swift investigation.
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