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BBK cleared away

With the release of the prosecutors’ investigation, the BBK scandal has been cleared. The truth that the prosecutors presented is concrete and tangible. Former employees of BBK and DAS testified. Scientific methods to determine if documents were fabricated or not were used and bank accounts were traced. Most of all, Kim Kyung-joon admitted that he fabricated contracts and that his claim that prosecutors proposed a deal during the investigation was false. The truth could not be more vivid. All other presidential candidates and other forces must accept the truth. There are no values more precious than the truth.
The forces who oppose Lee Myung-bak, however, protest the truth. They refuse to accept the investigation results that prosecutors released. They have put their election rallies on hold and plan to stage a candlelight vigil to push for an independent council to take the case.
Some forces are afraid of a power shift and some fear that their candidate will lose the reason for his presidential bid. Driven by this fear, they pursue an illusion, instead of the truth. This is wrong. They must return to their senses. They must come back to the venue for their election campaign.
The presidential election campaign has been in disarray for months due to the BBK scandal. Now it has to return to normalcy.
The presidential candidate TV debates start today. The candidates must now stop making baseless and false accusations. Instead, they need to compete with their policies and visions.
They must compete fiercely over policies affecting employment, education and real estate. Then they need to humbly await the people’s judgment.
The candidates who fail to win over the people’s minds should give up the idea of entering office and start reflecting on their wrongdoings. The candidate who lost his reason for his presidential bid should end his run now. Lee Myung-bak shouldn’t be arrogant because he was cleared of the BBK scandal. He still bears scarlet letters for violating election law, helping a criminal run away, registering false addresses and bogus employment. He must present good policies and then await the voters’ decision.
With the world’s 13th-largest economy, Korea was in chaos for months and was controlled by words from Kim Kyung-joon’s family. In fact, it is not solely their fault. The people could not easily believe Lee Myung-bak’s words. But now the truth has been revealed.
Five years ago, a similar scandal erupted when Kim Dae-eop made a false accusation, and we were haunted by the ghost of suspicion again. It is a shame. Let’s hope that there will be no Kim Dae-eops or Kim Kyung-joons in five years.
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