BBK: Let go already

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BBK: Let go already

Even though prosecutors have released the results of their investigation into the BBK scandal, the issue is far from over in the political arena. Politicians say prosecutors bowed to Lee Myung-bak, or that they can not trust one word from the investigation, thereby damaging the authority of prosecutors. Yesterday a TV debate among the presidential candidates was held for the first time, and the candidates attempted to spark the BBK scandal again, instead of debating their policies.
The investigation result did not clear all suspicions around Lee. It has not been determined, for example, who actually owns DAS. There is no explanation of the fact that Lee used a business card which bore the title Chairman of BBK, and that Lee said in the past that he established the company in interviews with media. It has been proven, however, that Lee was not involved in stock price manipulation, and that the Korean version of the contract that Kim Kyung-joon submitted to prosecutors was fabricated. Major suspicions have been cleared. Therefore, Chung Dong-young, the United New Democratic Party candidate, Lee Hoi-chang, an independent candidate, Moon Kook-hyun, the Creative Korea Party candidate, and Kwon Young-ghil, the Democratic Labor Party candidate must not condemn prosecutors as a group of brazen people who are afraid of displeasing Lee. The presidential candidates must appreciate the efforts of the prosecutors and then ask them to investigate further suspicions that are still unclear.
They are silent about the fact that they spread suspicion about Lee’s involvement in BBK as if it were fact. They must apologize to Lee for what has now been cleared. If the candidates raise baseless accusations and do not take responsibilities for them later, the people’s distrust of politicians will only grow. If they continue to stage candlelight vigils and spread groundless suspicion that Lee and President Roh had a secret deal, they are not qualified to become president and lead Korea for the next five years.
It is regrettable that Lee’s rivals desperately hold on the false memo Kim wrote that prosecutors said that they would indict Kim on lesser charges if he gave testimony that was advantageous to Lee. The political parties and the presidential candidates must give up their hope that one negative campaign will be deadly enough to eliminate Lee. It is not too late.
They must compete on the strength of their policies and vision for Korea during the remaining 12 days of the campaign.
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