A national threat

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A national threat

The murder of a marine on Ganghwa Island is devastating. The robbery and the murder were done in a brutal and heinous manner.
Two soldiers had finished their shifts at a guard post and were walking back to their base when the culprit hit them from behind with a vehicle and then attacked them with a knife. One of the soldiers died. The culprit stole a rifle, ammunition and even a hand grenade, making people worry he plans to commit more crimes.
The most urgent thing to do is to protect the presidential candidates from potential attacks. The well-being and safety of the candidates have never been threatened as seriously as they are at this time.
Some in the political arena have even attempted to establish a law postponing an election if a candidate has an unfortunate accident.
Now things have become even more serious. Because firearms were stolen, this case must not be overlooked. We must capture the culprit instead of allowing the crime to go unsolved. In the past, we have seen idle attitudes allow terrorist attacks to take place.
Police bodyguards must be alert and prepared for all possible scenarios. It is good that two SWAT teams, including sharpshooters, have been dispatched to work on the case.
The presidential candidates and their homes must be closely guarded and protected. Each president’s camp also needs to gather information and do its best to protect its candidate’s safety.
The candidates need to consult the police when they have election rallies on the street. The presidential candidates should consider wearing bullet-proof vests.
Citizens must tell the police if they see anything suspicious.
Whenever this type of felony takes place, the police are criticized for making mistakes in the initial stage of the investigation. The same is true this time.
Soldiers started checking vehicles 30 minutes after they received reports of the crime. This gave the culprit a head start to drive along five possible local roads and national highways in Gyeonggi Province. The police could not do anything as he ran.
Catching the culprit as soon as possible is the only way to make up for the mistake. The police must consider the possibility of secondary crime during their investigation. They must not exclude the possibility that a North Korean spy is involved.
In short, the police must be ready for anything.
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