Impeach prosecutors?

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Impeach prosecutors?

The United New Democratic Party submitted a bill to impeach three prosecutors and is seeking to pass a bill to appoint an independent counsel that will reinvestigate the Lee Myung-bak case.
These actions all stray from the right path, while the impeachment attempt is a serious judicial aberration. Prosecutors are national institutions and have the right to indict. They are a core pillar of the national judicial system. Submitting a bill to impeach prosecutors without clear evidence is a threat to constitutional government. Article 65 of the Constitution states that impeachment can only occur when “the Constitution or law is broken during the performance of one’s duty.” What law did prosecutors break?
The UNDP lawmakers insist that prosecutors did not investigate Lee as a suspected criminal. These lawmakers talk of Kim Kyung-joon’s memo as evidence that Kim was bribed or was under threat from prosecutors. These lawmakers said investigators may have abused their power, fabricated evidence and tried to cover the truth.
But these allegations are either untrue or have little substantiation. Twelve prosecutors and some 40 investigators called in dozens of witnesses and observers to investigate the case. They sought expert opinions on the documents they found and tracked down hundreds of accounts. There were also Kim’s confessions. This was a thorough investigation. But the UNDP lawmakers are refusing to trust a group who worked hard with common sense.
They also say that prosecutors did not investigate Lee’s business cards, video clips and interview reports by the press in which Lee said he has a relationship with BBK.
But prosecutors concluded that Lee has no relations with BBK after reviewing materials and witnesses and tracking down accounts. The video clips should be something that Lee has to explain. And UNDP lawmakers can urge him to do so. If they think the prosecutor’s investigation was not sufficient, they can make an appeal. Nevertheless, they chose impeachment.
This is seen as nothing more than a political maneuver that they are devising to help themselves in the upcoming general election. They are using impeachment, independent counsels and candlelight vigils to remind the public that they want to make a big issue out of BBK.
Prosecutors have found out the general truth, and there is nothing more powerful than the truth. Political attempts that try to cover up the truth will fail.
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