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The day of an important decision has arrived. Today, 37,650,000 voters will choose the 17th president of Korea, the leader of the country for the next five years.
Every presidential election is important, but this year’s election bears more historical weight because the new president has to resolve issues such as the youth unemployment rate, a sluggish economy, the North Korean nuclear issue and social polarization.
This is the time for our economy and society to make another jump toward becoming an advanced country.
If we stay where we are now, our dreams of becoming an advanced country in the world will be lost. We will become a mediocre country even in East Asia, with Japan running ahead and China chasing us from behind. That is why we need to think hard before we go to our voting booths to make the right decision.
We need to look through the materials issued by each candidate and examine their policies.
We also need to seek out who is the best person to resolve the issues facing our country. Our society needs a leader who can mediate conflicts among different interests more than ever.
We should find out who will help us achieve the goals that we have for ourselves, our families and our communities.
The National Election Commission is nervous that the turnout rate might be the lowest in history. That should not be the case.
Even if we are tired of the political situation, we should cast our votes. Not voting means giving up on our opportunity to determine our own future.
It is irresponsible for someone not to vote because he doesn’t support any of the candidates.
All of the candidates may seem unfit and some seem full of flaws, but that is not a good reason not to vote.
Our society has gone through an industrial era and a democratization era to become what it is now. It is time to advance further. It is our right and duty as citizens to find out which candidate will achieve our goals as much as possible, and to cast our votes for that person.
Each one of our votes will decide the future of our country.
Each vote is important in electing the president and changing the political culture. Let’s make up our minds and go to the voting centers.
Let’s make today’s decision remembered as the right one in our history.
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