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[Letter to the editor]Phone alert

I want to let you know about something that SK is doing that negatively affects many foreigners here. SK is shutting off phones being used by people who didn’t register for them.
Some people were using prepaid phones for scams, so SK decided that anyone using a phone not registered in their own name would have service shut off in a month.
This means that many foreigners here using phones bought from other foreigners will have to buy a new phone after March 31, even though they’ve been paying, responsible customers of SK.
I bought my phone from another foreigner, a girl I didn’t know, in February of last year. I can’t change the registration name because she isn’t here anymore. I explained this to a customer service representative and he was really nice, but told me there was nothing he could do and no one higher up I could talk to.
Basically, SK is forcing me to buy another phone because of something I had nothing to do with.
According to the customer service representative, I am one of many foreigners who have the same problem.
Maybe if you print this letter, it will put some pressure on SK to change this poorly thought-out policy.
Mike Mackenna, Hwaseong,
Gyeonggi Province
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