A sacrifice for fairness

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A sacrifice for fairness

The United Democratic Party’s nomination screening committee, led by Park Jae-seung, consists of unusual figures. Of 12 committee members, seven are non-politicians, including a doctor who practices in the countryside. Established politicians who applied for nomination from the party have been afraid of these committee members.
The UDP committee has made another move. Park clarified standards for party nominations. Those who have been sentenced to imprisonment for bribery, embezzlement, illegal political fund raising or offenses are excluded from consideration for the party nomination.
According to this standard, many outstanding politicians are on the verge of being eliminated from the party nominations. To push those powerful politicians to the edge of a cliff draws attention from the public. It seems successful, at least in terms of promotion.
The leader of the committee said that some may feel that it is unfair, but their sacrifice is needed for the sake of history, to emphasize a fair nomination process.
It is understandable that those who are eliminated from consideration oppose this standard.
They claim that the corruption in which they were involved was not for their individual interest. They say it’s the result of Park’s arrogant decision and that extreme ethical standards are being used, even though they are not selecting candidates for the priesthood. Park’s measure, however, is convincing to the people. The party’s nomination process must move people.
Citizens want to replace old faces with new blood. They long for something new and different. They are not happy to see established politicians try to extend their career by means of regionalism.
After its crushing defeat in the presidential election, the UDP was until recently worried whether it could win one-third of the National Assembly seats required to stop revision of the Constitution.
Park’s idea to make sacrifices for fair nominations was made in an attempt to overcome a crisis. This will be a good lesson to the Grand National Party as well.
The GNP’s nomination screening committee led by Ahn Kang-min hasn’t yet come up with something that moves the people. Will the GNP be able to make sacrifices in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, Busan and South Gyeongsang, where they have an advantage? If so, that will certainly move the people’s hearts.
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