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The Bucket List (15)
Comedy / 97 min/ English
See review, left.

The Ugly Duckling and Me! (All)
Animation, Adventure, Drama/ 90 min/ English
This animated film offers a unique take on Hans Christian Andersen’s famous Ugly Duckling tale. The story takes a humorous look at Ugly, the unattractive creature, before he becomes a beautiful swan.
Ugly lives on a peaceful small farm with an ambitious rat, Ratso, who dreams of becoming a manager of an entertainment company.
While Ugly tries his best to cope with his looks, Ratso plans to use Ugly’s awkward appearance as a subject of mockery and make a big business out of it. Their adventure to the big city, however, turns into a rough journey. Jessie, Ugly’s girlfriend, distracts the duckling’s concentration, and Phyllis, a long time rival of Ratso since their childhood days, chases them with and his gang.

Sicko (12)
Documentary/ 120 min/ English
Michael Moore, America’s most incendiary filmmaker, presents a documentary that exposes some shocking truths about the health-care industry.
It deals with the controversial topics Moore has explored in his previous films, but he focuses more on how ordinary Americans are affected by the nation’s health-care crisis.
After brief historical background information, Moore interviews a series of individuals and families who have been hurt by the sometimes unfair health-care system in the United States.

Death Defying Acts (15)
Romance, Thriller/ 97 min/ English
Based on a biography of the famous magician Harry Houdini from the 1920's, director Gillian Armstrong presents a fictional romance about Houdini (Guy Pearce), the master escapologist, and a beautiful psychic, Mary McGarvie (Catherine Zeta-Jones).
As Houdini goes on a world tour with his magic show, he announces to the public that he will give away his entire fortune to anyone can contact his dead mother, whose death has haunted him for years.
As McGarvie and her daughter try to con Houdini, the plan does not go as expected. Houdini, however, is charmed by her, in part because she looks like his mother. He falls in love with McMarvie, who is not all that she appears. In the end, there will are even bigger twists that no one can predict.

Gracie (12)
Drama/ 96 min/ English
Based on true events from 1978, the film tells an inspiring story about a teenage girl, Gracie (Carly Schroeder), who achieves her dream as a competitive soccer player. A 15-year-old girl, Gracie grows up in a family that revolves almost entirely around soccer.
The passion of her sports-obsessed brothers and fathers has made her love the game as well. Tragedy strikes when Gracie losses her older brother Johnny (Jesse Lee Soffer) in a car accident.
After the loss, Gracie decides to fill Johnny's empty spot on the varsity soccer team. She petitions the school board to allow her to play on the boy's team.
During her persistent struggle to play on the boy's team, Gracie helps bring her family together and work through the grief of their loss.

Dan in Real Life (12)
Comedy, Drama, Romance/ 98 min/ English
Advice columnist Dan Burns (Steve Carell) is a busy single father who has his hands full with his daughters. They are still grieving for their mother, who passed away several years earlier. Because Dan always puts family matters ahead of his own problems, he has not made any attempt to get a date for himself.
But Dan is pleasantly surprised when he accidentally meets an attractive woman named Marie (Juliette Binoche) at a bookstore.
His joy is short-lived, however, when he finds out that Marie is actually dating his brother. Dan has a hard time hiding his feelings for Marie, and Marie slowly falls in love with Dan.
One night, Dan's daughters catch him and Marie kissing and the problems begin. By displaying a balance of humor and heartache, Carell shows that he can do more than just comedy.

Awake (15)
Drama, Thriller/ 84 min/ English
Clayton Beresford Jr. (Hayden Christensen) is a successful businessman who is afraid of telling his overprotective mother, Lilith (Lena Olin), that he is engaged to her beautiful assistant, Sam Lockwood (Jessica Alba).
Clayton, however, realizes that he might not live much longer with his rare heart condition. He decides to marry Sam secretly in the presence of his best friend, Dr. Jack Harper (Terrence Howard), as witness. After the wedding, a heart donor arrives and Clayton is scheduled for a heart transplant.
The plot then centers on Clayton, who suffers from “anesthetic awareness,” as he finds himself awake and aware, but paralyzed, during the heart surgery. Sam must struggle with her own issues as a drama unfolds around them.
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