Abortion shame

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Abortion shame

Korea is a developing country in terms of abortions. Each year, 78 percent of fetuses die before they are given a chance to live.
Korea is one of the largest providers of illegal abortions. The international media projects Korea as a paradise for illegal abortions.
Korea has achieved $20,000 per capita national income and aspires to become an advanced country. Yet it is notorious for the sheer number of abortions performed here.
This unsavory image is a by-product of rapid industrialization. Our country has achieved economic growth at a rapid speed and some people have lost their moral compass. As a result, some citizens have come to depreciate the value of life.
According to a survey by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5 percent of 80,000 middle and high school students surveyed said that they had had sex, and only 38 percent used protection. This suggests that a number of teenagers become pregnant and get illegal abortions.
Mammonism in the medical field encourages this trend. Many obstetric and gynecology clinics run advertisements for abortions on the Internet and practice illegal abortions.
Another factor is the Confucian tradition of preferring sons to daughters. The law prohibits medical staff from telling parents the sex of their baby, but many parents find out and get abortions if they are going to have a girl.
A fetus is a living human, as stated in the Constitution. A fetus is not an object that parents can abort at will. More importantly, abortion should never be used as means to make money.
Some believe that the right to have an abortion is a woman’s right. It’s not.
What’s more, women shouldn’t get abortions simply because of their own physical and mental health. Of course, there are times when it is morally right for a woman to abort her pregnancy. The law states that women are allowed to have abortions if they get pregnant as a result of rape or incest.
To reduce the number of abortions, the government must improve the social infrastructure for parents who want to have children. When women feel compelled to have an abortion because of financial reasons, the state should provide more help.
In addition, teenagers should be given sex education, and people who have or perform illegal abortions must be punished.
The old idea of favoring sons over daughters must be abandoned as well.
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