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[Campus commentary]A united campus all year long

As a Yonsei student, I am part of the face of Yonsei University as seen by everyone in Korea. But, as much as I and my fellow students act as representatives of the university, I wonder if students come together often enough, outside of Yon-Ko Jeon, the annual sports showdown between Yonsei and Korea University and other activities where collaboration is needed.
During Yon-Ko Jeon, we all become cheerleaders and put our arms around each other and become united. People who have never been close, or who don’t know each other, become one and cheer for the Yonsei players on the field. However, I feel there’s not much passion from Yon-Ko Jeon togetherness actually flowing on campus.
Overall, as much as each individual is a part of Yonsei, there should be enthusiastic efforts from each student to seek unity within Yonsei University, starting with the small relationships we form with each other on campus.
It’s pretty certain that we see the same people we go to class with and participate in organized activities with when we walk around campus. This is inevitable when we study together in the same small area. I believe this presents a special opportunity to form deeper and more beneficial relationships.
As for me, I have a good friend I met in class last year. One day, I happened to realize that I kept seeing a familiar face on campus, but I didn’t know where I recognized this person from. Then I realized this person, who is now a good friend of mine, was someone I shared two classes with. At first, we only knew each others’ faces but didn’t say anything because it might seem weird to just go up to someone and say hello. Later, since we had two classes together, group meetings and several other class activities gave us a chance to talk to each other. Then we started talking often and became good friends.
I’m saying that putting forth at least some effort when given a chance to form relationships can lead to finding a special friend. If enough people practice this, it will improve school unity and lead to more dominance at Yon-Ko Jeon!
I feel that while trying to win the games is important, starting with little things that can lead to great results is more meaningful.
These days, now that I am a sophomore, I see many faces on campus or even at the Sinchon Rotary look familiar. It is so irritating when I can’t figure out where I have seen that person before, or how I know him. If I do figure it out, I feel so relieved. In other cases, there are times when I can’t figure it out for a whole day, and it comes to me after few days or even weeks.
So overall, I hope Yonsei students will start with the small things first. For example, putting forth a little effort to get to know the people seated beside them in chapel or even in classes where seats are assigned. Since the seats are fixed, they’ll have to see that person the whole semester, so isn’t it a little bit easier to start a conversation?
Besides, there’s nothing to lose by widening relationships within Yonsei University. You never know what that person can bring into your life.

*The writer is a reporter for the Yonsei Annals news magazine at Yonsei University.

By Kim Hye-sun
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