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Speed Racer (12)
Action, Sport / 129 min. / English
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Priceless (15)
Comedy / 104 min. / French
Directed by Pierre Salvadori, this delightful French comedy features “Amelie” star Audrey Tautou as Irène, an attractive and sexy gold-digger. Irène is only interested in men with money — lots and lots of it. Her radar for rich men, however, gets jumbled when she encounters Jean (Gad Elmaleh) at an elite resort in the south of France. After spending a wonderful day with Jean, Irène discovers that he is actually a hotel employee, not a guest. Furious, Irène wants nothing more to do with him, despite Jean’s pleading efforts. But eventually, Jean finds his way into Irène’s life again.

Persepolis (12)
Animation, Drama / 95 min. / French, English, Persian, German
Based on Marjane Satrapi’s best-selling graphic novel, the film presents a deeply personal coming-of-age tale about finding one’s place in the world. In 1970s Iran, young, outspoken Marjane (voiced by Chiara Mastrojanni) has to witness repressive tyranny in her country.
Fearful that Marjane’s strong will may get her in trouble, her loving but overly protective family decides to send her abroad to Vienna, to give her a better life. There, Marjane also faces racial prejudice due to her Middle Eastern roots. Upon her return to Iran, the tyrannical pressures of society force her to leave her country once again. After realizing that both she and her homeland have changed too much, can Marjane find where she truly belongs?

Iron Man (12)
Action, Fantasy / 125 min. / English
Tony Stark is a techno-genius playboy who has built his vast fortune peddling weapons of mass destruction. Unbeknownst to Stark, his weapons find their way into the hands of terrorists, who then attack him during a business trip in Afghanistan. Faced with the reality of his company’s work while held captive by terrorists, Stark plans his escape, then atones for his sins by assuming a superhero identity. Later, Stark’s weapons find their way into the wrong hands once again, and it’s up to him as Iron Man to save the day in all his irreverent glory.

Talk to Me (15)
Biography, Drama / 118 min. / English
In the 1960s, the United States experienced a social revolution. In the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., radio personality Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene, Jr. (Don Cheadle) was the voice of growing social consciousness.
An ex-con, the vociferous and often outrageous Petey purported to “tell it like it is” through his own brand of acerbic wit and social commentary. With the help of his girlfriend Vernell (Taraji Henson) and his by-the-book co-worker at the radio station Dewey (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Petey manages to add soul to a turbulent era of American history while encountering struggles of his own.
Horton Hears a Who! (all)
Animation, Family / 86 min. / Korean or English
A beloved Dr. Seuss story comes to the big screen for the first time in computer-generated imagery. When Horton, an especially considerate elephant, hears something out of the ordinary one day, he discovers an entire village of tiny people called Whos. Their town, Whoville, is under threat, and Horton is the only one who can save them.
As Horton embarks on a whimsical crusade to save Whoville, he suffers ridicule from his naysaying neighbors. Voice talents such as Jim Carrey, Carol Burnett and Steve Carell give life to the English-language version. Note: Check with theaters to see if showings are of the Korean-dubbed version of the film or in English with Korean subtitles.

Hallam Foe (R)
Drama, Romance / 95min. / English
After losing his mother, Hallam Foe (Jamie Bell), a 17-year-old, does not communicate with others much and spends his spare time watching his neighbors. Although everyone believes that Hallam’s mother committed suicide by drowning in a lake near their house in Edinburgh with an overdose of sleeping pills, Hallam thinks his stepmother killed his mother.
After picking a huge fight with his stepmother, Hallam leaves home and heads to Edinburgh, where he meets Kate Breck (Sophia Myles), a hotelier who looks much like his dead mother.
Hallam starts working in Kate’s hotel, where his obsession with Kate grows. Through his experience in the real world, Hallam comes to maturity the hard way.

The Forbidden Kingdom (12)
Action, Fantasy / 105 min. / English
Jason (Michael Angarano), an American teenager obsessed with Chinese martial arts, finds the legendary weapon of a Chinese sage at a pawn shop one day and magically ends up in an epic battleground in ancient China.
There, he encounters kung fu masters Lu Yan (Jackie Chan) and the Silent Monk (Jet Li). The two masters recognize the power of the legendary weapon, and realize that Jason is the chosen one to fight against the evil warlord, the Jade Emperor, and free the imprisoned Monkey King.
Lu Yan trains Jason to fight and believe in himself. After Golden Sparrow (Yifei Liu) joins them, the four fighters prepare to start a dangerous journey to defeat the Jade Emperor.
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