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No ‘victim,’ school admissions fair
I was disappointed by the article “Schools, doctors stump expats here” (May 8) in which the journalist describes Jeffrey Jones as a “victim” of the “lack of convenient services” in Korea because he tried to place his children at a foreign school, but as there was no room, they were placed on a waiting list.
Why does the journalist feel that Jones is entitled to special treatment by the foreign school in question? Does the journalist imply that because he is a former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce and “credited with attracting a large amount of foreign investment here” that he should have special consideration over other foreign parents who wish to enroll their children?
Is he [the reporter] suggesting that other parents with children on the school’s waiting list be bumped because he has a supposedly exalted status?
However comprehensive Jones’ community service is, this doesn’t confer him a superior status. Your journalist should know better than to suggest otherwise.
What is worse is to implicitly criticize the school for acting fairly on admission applications and the school’s staff for just doing their jobs.
It’s now early May. Anywhere in the world, you wouldn’t wait until the last-minute to enroll your children in school. I have never heard of anybody complaining about this system.
As such, with the article’s focus on one person, one can’t help but wonder what its purpose was.
Once again, I found it very sad that your newspaper, which I read every day, would publish such an article.
E. Raban, Seou

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