China’s gaffe

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China’s gaffe

China’s rudeness toward Korea in terms of diplomacy almost crosses the line.

Qin Gang, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, said during a briefing, “The Korea-U.S. military alliance is a relic of the past.”

China also waited 20 days to give the new Korean ambassador to China his credentials ahead of the Korea-China summit talks. They were eventually given right before the talks. Because of China’s arrogance, amicable relations between the two countries in the future are in jeopardy.

Korea’s alliance with the U.S. is a crucial link for the country to survive. The country is in no position to give up this valuable ally. Korea is surrounded by powerful countries, including China, Russia and Japan, and has endured their pillage and occupation throughout history. It is only natural for Korea to defend itself from these countries. Also, in terms of economic security, Korea, a country that feeds on trade, needs to form a bond with the U.S. With all this in mind, the fact that a foreign ministry spokesperson publicly took a negative stance toward the alliance between two other countries wasn’t the least bit thoughtful.

Of course, China has its reasons for feeling dismay toward President Lee Myung-bak’s diplomatic strategy.

Even so, behaving in such a way right before the bilateral summit talks, a huge event shaping the future of the two countries’ diplomatic relations, is inconsiderate and rude. What would have happened, for instance, if China were in Korea’s shoes and the leader of their country came to Korea and had to face a foreign ministry spokesperson saying the same thing about the China-North Korea alliance?

Korea hopes to develop its ties with China in all sectors, including national security issues and economic relations. And I think China wants this, too.

The fact that the two countries agreed to a strategic and cooperative partnership during the summit talks, on their 16th anniversary of beginning diplomatic relations, reflects this desire.

But their attitude almost appears as if they are belittling Korea, which only makes room for more distrust on Korea’s part.

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