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Ladies in Lavender (All)

Drama / 122 min. / English

See review, left.

Fast Food Nation (R)

Drama / 122 min. / English

Unlike “Super Size Me,” which targets the unhealthy effects of burgers, “Fast Food Nation” takes on the entire fast food industry. The film is a fiction piece based on Eric Schlosser’s best-selling expose.

Mickey’s Fast Food restaurant chain’s best-selling item is a burger called The Big One. One day Don Henderson, a Mickey’s corporate marketer, finds out that the spoiled and contaminated meat is processed into patties for The Big One.

Soon he finds out more about the company’s “meaty” dark secrets than he would have ever liked to know. As unexpected accidents follow, the lives of the illegal immigrants in the meat-packing industry change dramatically.

Cameos like Avril Lavigne, Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Willis keep the narrative fresh and engaging. This movie just might make the audience become more conscious eaters.

Hancock (12)

Fantasy, Comedy / 92 min. / English

Hancock (Will Smith) is a modern superhero. The only difference between him and the rest of the heroes that save the world is that Hancock is edgy, sarcastic and lacks responsibility.

He does have some moderately good intentions to save innocent lives, but he always seems to leave a mess at every scene.

The public has finally had enough and starts to show their dislike toward Hancock’s fickle behavior. One day, Hancock saves the life of a public relations executive, Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), and makes a deal to improve his negative image in the public eye. Then Hancock finds out that his wife, Mary (Charlize Theron) holds the secret to his mysterious birth. The local hero of Los Angeles just might have a vulnerable side after all.

Knock (The Strangers) (15)

Horror, Thriller / 85 min. / English

When Kristen (Liv Tyler) and James (Scott Speedman), a young couple, attend a friend’s wedding, they decide to make a weekend getaway of the trip. But once they arrive at their secluded vacation home, the two are tired and cranky and find themselves at loose ends.

Suddenly, they hear a very loud knock at the door. It turns out to be a troubled girl. Thinking that she’s lost, Kristen and James send her away. But as the night wears on, increasingly creepy events begin to spook the couple, turning their night into a terrifying case of home-invasion.

Planet Terror (18)

Action, Horror, Sci-Fi / 95 min. / English

One night, two married emergency room doctors, William (Josh Brolin) and Dakota (Marley Shelton), find themselves inundated in a bloodbath of patients. It turns out a flesh-eating monster is wreaking havoc on their town, and a motley band of survivors must fight to stay alive. Led by Cherry (Rose McGowan), a one-legged stripper, and Wray (Freddy Rodriguez), her former lover, the group wages a violent battle against the victims, who have become zombies.

Originally released as “Grindhouse,” a double-feature with Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof,” this Robert Rodriguez feature includes cameos by such familiar faces as Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson and Bruce Willis.

Broken English (15)

Romance, Drama, Comedy / 93 min. / English

Nora (Parker Posey) is a good-looking girl who just can’t seem to get a date. This is especially depressing, seeing as nearly everyone around her is in a relationship. When Nora is really feeling down in the dumps, however, salvation comes in the form of a handsome, charming Frenchman, Julien (Melvin Poupaud).

But when Julien asks her to run away to Paris with him, Nora blows it. After some introspection, however, she realizes that in terms of her love life, it’s now or never. So she heads to Paris to find Julien and grab life by the horns.

Mulim Girl (15)

Drama, Comedy / 115 min. / Korean

Whether it’s a car crashing into her, a hammer falling on her head or drinking bottles and bottles of soju, cute, young So-hui (Mina Shin) always emerges unscathed.

So-hui is a prodigy in handling all types of fighting skills, and she becomes a rising star of the Mulim society. She manages to maneuver around any disastrous or dangerous stunt ? except when it comes to love. She becomes stupefied by the stunning Jun-mo (Yu-gun), and in order to win him, she decides to give up fighting. Despite her buddy Il-young’s (Ju-wan Ohn) pleas to be herself, So-hui sticks to her decision, until Mulim’s greatest rival, Heuk-bum, attacks her father. Will she fight to defend her father, or stay on the sidelines for love?

The Counterfeiter (Die Falscher) (15)

Drama, Crime / 98 min. / English

Salomon Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics) is enjoying his golden days as the world’s best counterfeiter, only to get arrested by a police officer, Friedrich Herzog (Devid Striesow).

Things get worse when World War II begins, and he’s sent to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. His Nazi captors, however, soon learn of his skillful painting and drawing and give him slightly better living conditions for drawing their portraits.

After several years, Herzog, now a Nazi leader, and some prisoners decide to take on a massive counterfeit project: Operation Bernhard. Herzog and his team must decide between helping the Nazis or death. Based on a true story.
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