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Break the Alliance

The candlelight protests against opening our beef markets to the United States were planned and organized by progressive organizations. The police raided the office of the Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement and confiscated documents made during its meetings.

It seems that the safety of the food wasn’t the main concern of the organization. Its goal was to overthrow the government and to instigate anti-American protests.

The documents state that “At night, the people will hold candles and during the day, movement organizations will try to paralyze society,” and “Our ultimate goal is to make the Lee Myung-bak administration collapse.”

Only illegal anti-government organizations would do such things.

The goal of the Korea Alliance for Progressive Movement, which was launched in September last year, was to carry out joint left-wing protests. The alliance consists of some 30 organizations, including the Korean Farmers’ League, Democratic Labor Party, National Federation of Student Associations and the National Convention of Labor Union Members.

Before the candlelight vigils started, the organization planned anti-government protests using ordinary citizens. The documents from January say, “Let’s create an excuse that can arouse public rage against the Lee administration and create a frontline of citizens to carry out the protests.”

The clear intention was to put ordinary citizens at the forefront of the rallies in order to derail the Lee administration’s neo-liberal economic policy.

The Korean Alliance for Progressive Movement has been involved in illegal candlelight vigils for some two months. The alliance planned and led illegal acts from early May. They encouraged college students to boycott their classes, labor unions to join in the rallies, religious groups to wade in street marches.

The alliance exploited parents marching with prams, using children as collateral. If this is a true characteristic, the alliance is certainly an anti-government, anti-society organization that uses innocent citizens’ candlelight vigils as means to paralyze society.

Such an organization must not be allowed to exist. The government must act to thwart the alliance if the country is a constitutional country.

The government must disband the organization and punish those responsible in accordance with the law.
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