Stubborn audacity

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Stubborn audacity

Even if North Korea has a different system from the South, we didn’t think our neighbors could be so obstinate.

They are the ones complaining and making demands, even though it was a soldier from the North who shot and killed South Korean Park Wang-ja, a tourist at Mount Kumgang.

The North has expressed regrets, but is holding the South responsible. It even asked for an apology and measures to prevent the recurrence of such events.

This tragedy is full of question marks, which makes us more suspicious. There are differences between the explanations given by North Korea and a South Korean witness at the site of the fatal shooting.

Park died from two shots, but if the marksman shot a blank cartridge, as North Korea claims, three to four shots would have been heard. However, the South Korean witness said he only heard two rounds.

Added to that, Park’s relatives said the 53-year-old could not have covered five kilometers from the hotel to the site of the shooting in just 30 minutes.

And it is not at all clear why the North Korean guard didn’t arrest Park and chose instead to kill her.

Both South and North Korea must investigate this tragic event to see where the fault lies, but the North insists no investigation is needed. They simply blame the South.

The fact that Park crossed the control line is clearly a problem. However, there are principles that civilized countries must abide by. Shooting an unarmed middle-aged woman is an act by a country that has given up trying to be civilized.

This may be why the North is refusing any investigation. But North Korea should keep in mind that their response is like trying to hide the sun with your hand. How long can North Korea remain planted in such a world of stubborn irrationality?

The Pyongyang leadership should realize that an unfavorable wind may blow across their country because of this event.

Until now, the North’s attitude towards the South has been treated lightly by some sectors of society, as there are people who want to be understanding of the North.

The situation is completely different now; the North’s rulers should take note of the indignation of the people in the South.

If we start accepting such stubborn and irrational behavior, we will be pushed around forever.

The North’s audacity leaves us dumbstruck.
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