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Rainy forecasts

The Korea Meteorological Administration’s weather forecasts have been off the mark for four weeks.

On Saturday at 11 p.m., the administration forecast said, “Tomorrow, it will rain from the afternoon in the Chungcheong Provinces.” However, heavy rain began at 2 a.m. there, pouring six inches of rain in six hours.

A typhoon had arrived on top of the monsoon rain, and anyone could predict the possibility of rain in certain areas. But the administration could not forecast the weather even three hours in advance.

It is worse for the Seoul and Gyeonggi area. The forecast was for rain in the afternoon, but heavy rain erupted in the morning. Later, the administration issued a hurried forecast that warned of rain.

It would be more appropriate to say that the administration is not forecasting the weather, but broadcasting it live.

Everyone is getting fed up with the never-ending string of inaccurate forecasts.

The meteorological administration’s Web site turned into a forum for people who had suffered in some way as a result of the poor forecasting. The site is awash with anger.

“What is the super computer worth $40 million doing?” one person asked.

“I would rather rely on my grandma’s rheumatism to forecast rain,” said someone else.

People are now tired of the bogus forecasts and want to know for sure what the problem really is.

The audit authority should find out what is happening at the administration and propose proper countermeasures.

We urge the administration to state clearly what the problems are and what can be done to solve this irritating situation.

There aren’t many opportunities. If things continue as they are, the meteorological administration may have to close down.

Weather forecasts have become more important with time. We no longer use weather forecasts just to plan our day out. Today, weather information is crucial for the nation’s productivity.

If we get the wrong information, our businesses may suffer. Worse, people might get caught in potentially dangerous situations, particularly on the roads.

Precise weather forecasts provide basic infrastructure to our markets and help to cut costs.

That’s why the government should look into the weather information problem on the basis of enhancing the country’s economy.
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