Film cameras make a comeback

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Film cameras make a comeback


A photo taken with a classic non-digital camera.By Lee Jung-kwon

A single click of the mouse can change everything and cameras have been swept by the high-tech tide.
Digital single-lens reflex cameras have been gaining in popularity. They are easy to use, affordable and offer more options for lenses that capture a high quality image.
But film cameras can still outshine their digital kin.
Park Soon uses a Rollei 35, a camera first produced in 1967.
“Time is etched on the camera,” Park said. “When you use the Rollei or Leica series for a long time, the gild comes off, which naturally creates a brass color.”


The Lomo [JoongAng Ilbo]

The scratches on the camera body and the faded leather cover give the camera more character, he says.
The people who prefer film cameras vary from the younger generations to those in their 40s and 50s. They share one thing in common: They want to record moments in life.
It’s true that times are changing and camera makers have moved quickly to the digital format. From a technical perspective, classic cameras require skill and knowledge to get the most of the complicated equipment; they also have a heavy body.
But Kang Seung-chul, the brains behind, calls it “inconvenient happiness. It [the classic camera] creates art.”


A Rollei 35S[JoongAng Ilbo]

The Leica produces better pictures on cloudy days, Kang observed. “Classic cameras can handle backlight better than digital ones since you handle the camera manually.”
What Song likes is the firm grip for holding the camera. His heart skips a beat when he presses the shutter, he said. “Compared to other cameras, classic cameras capture clearer and sharper details,” said Jeon Jae-yong, the head of the Hassel Club. “They give a three-dimensional effect on the printed picture ? the overall contrabass is high.”


A Nikon FM 2 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Park Chan-young, an office worker, agrees. He uses the Leica M3. “I’s difficult to put into words how pleasant it is to put your fingertip on the camera button,” he said.
“Obviously digital photography is all the rage right now,” Jeon said. “But to amateurs and photographers who still pursue pure photography, classic film cameras are much more charming.”

By Lee Jung-kwon, Lee Hyun-taek JoongAng Ilbo []

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