Men, take note on how to look sharp in a suit

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Men, take note on how to look sharp in a suit

How to wear a suit? The logical answer would be to choose the right size. How simple.

Yet, judging from what they wear, many men here simply seem not to know their own size. Trousers are hiked up to the belly button, and the jacket is often one size too big. Bulky shoulders and sleeves covering half of the hands are common.

Wearing a bigger jacket is only acceptable when bodyguards in civilian dress go one size up to conceal their Heckler & Koch submachine guns while on duty.

There are many reasons for this funny look. In a still-conservative society, aged men here seem to think that caring too much about one’s appearance isn’t manly. White socks worn with pants with too-short hems can be spotted easily. Often it’s the wife that goes out shopping for her husband.

Men also prefer a comfortable jacket and trousers over ones that feel slightly tight on the body. But considering that wearing a suit is all about projecting a professional look - a good one - suits should be worn at the right size or even one size smaller. It makes your body look slimmer than it is. When you wear a suit you want to display a certain don’t-mess-with-me-attitude, not a panda-like appearance.

Gray, black and navy blue are the color choices for me. For a time, someone came up with the idea of making suits that had an odd shimmering to it, like fish skin. I never had any of those. And I never will.

Stick to the basic colors and you can’t go wrong. Personally, I think for males a suit is the best investment that can be made, next to a watch. You practically own these things for a lifetime. Watches are passed down for generations. Suits can be, too, if taken care of properly. One of my favorite quotes is one by Patek Phillippe, a luxury watch maker: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.” Just replace the word Patek Philippe with “suit.”

Suits are classics. They don’t go out of fashion. Like the fish skin type, retailers will try to bring in a new look. You may wonder whether any of that new stuff is fit for you.

Guys! It’s okay to read fashion magazines like GQ or Esquire. Take a look at what fashion looks good, because what looks good generally applies to you, too. Just don’t carry them around under your arm.

Department stores have already started to display fall gear. If you think you need a new suit, now is a good time to get a good price on marked-down suits as companies look to unload their summer stock. But do yourself a favor. Don’t try to fit your suit to your expanding body. It’s the other way around. Buy one that feels slightly tight.

Then hit the gym.

By Brian Lee Staff Reporter []
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