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2008. 8.21 NOW PLAYING

Smart People (12)

Comedy, Romance / 95 min. / English

See review, left.

Midnight Meat Train (18)

Horror, Mystery / 87 min. / English

Based on a short story by horror writer Clive Barker, this movie deals with some pretty gruesome matters.

Leon (Bradley Cooper) is a promising young New York photographer about to make his debut at a prominent gallery run by Susan Hoff (Brooke Shields). However, Susan asks for more realistic photos showing the darker side of humanity.

The young snapper decides to take up the challenge and heads downtown to the city’s subway system at midnight. There, he spots serial killer Mahogany (Vinnie Jones) butchering hapless victims in ways that will make most cinemagoers cringe.

Leon becomes more and more obsessed with his subject matter and is eventually drawn into the dark work of the serial killer, bringing along with him his worried girlfriend (Leslie Bibb).

The film is directed by Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura and also stars Roger Bart and Peter Jacobson.

The Valet (12)

Comedy, Romance / 85 min. / French

A car park valet called Pignon (Gad Elmaleh) suddenly becomes a supermodel’s boyfriend. The story starts when billionaire industrialist Pierre Levasseur (Daniel Auteuil) and his supermodel mistress Elena (Alice Taglioni) step out of a hotel. As usual, the paparazzi clamor over each other to take one more picture of Elena. Pierre doesn’t want to get embroiled in an ugly divorce with his wife, so he pays Pignon a fortune to pose as Elena’s lover.

Pignon ends up living with Elena, misleading the tabloids and Pierre’s wife. Pierre constantly assures his wife that he is not cheating on her, but Elena now has to endure Pignon’s cruddy apartment.

The director of this slapstick comedy is Francis Veber, considered the master of French farce. The all-in-one combination of classic elements and comedy should extract a giggle or two.

Superhero Movie (12)

Comedy / 86 min. / English

Superhero movies are typically blockbusters with heroes possessing incredible superpowers that we can’t begin to imagine. But in this “Spider-Man” knockoff, our superhero elicits more laughs than awe.

The teenage star is high school loser Ricky (Drake Bell). His lifelong wish to be popular comes true when he is bitten by a genetically modified dragonfly during a school field trip. He develops superpowers that allow him to scale buildings, among other gifts, and he chooses to use his unique power to save the city from dastardly villain Hourglass (Christopher McDonald), all the while still trying to get a date with the girl of his dreams (Sara Paxton).

Cougar Club (12)

Comedy / 93 min. / English

Spence (Jason Jurman) and Hogan (Warren Kole) are best friends with very different tastes. They have just graduated from college, where Spence was an honor student and Hogan was more interested in making out with middle-aged professors. In need of letters of recommendation to get into law school, they intern at a law firm, where they are given all sorts of nasty chores.

But inspiration strikes one day when they are asked to deliver divorce papers to a lawyer’s wife, and discover their real calling in life - having sex with older women, or “cougars.” They form the Cougar Club, an exclusive network for young men to meet older women. The film includes cougar cameos by Faye Dunaway, Carrie Fisher and Loretta Devine.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (15)

Sci-Fi, Mystery / 104 min. / English

Maverick FBI agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and his skeptic partner Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are back on the big screen in this second film installment of the popular TV series “The X-Files.”

At this point, Mulder and Scully are both inactive agents and living together. Scully is a relentlessly hardworking doctor at a Catholic hospital. Mulder, wanted by the FBI, is at his old hobby of clipping articles about Area 51 and the like.

But when Mulder and the reluctant Scully are thrust into a search for a missing young FBI agent, they find themselves embroiled in their old lives, with only the “visions” of a pedophile priest, Father Joe (Billy Connolly), as a lead.

While Mulder believes Father Joe and follows him earnestly, Scully, as always, has her reservations. Can the former agents get back into the game to save the young agent’s life?

CJ7 (All)

Comedy, Sci-Fi / 88 min. / Chinese

Stephen Chow (of “Kung Fu Hustle” fame) writes, directs and stars in this kids’ movie that also aims to keep the adults entertained.

A poor dad, Ti (Stephen Chow), is trying his best to keep his son in private school. His son, Dicky (Jiao Xu), tries to be cool at school, but has trouble getting on with the rich kids.

Everyone is getting a pet robot called CJ1, and Dicky begs his father to get one for him. Unable to afford it, Ti heads to the junkyard to see if he can find something that will make his son happy, and finds a mysterious green ball. Now Dicky has the coolest toy in school, but when it turns out to be an alien with special powers, crazy things start to happen to Dicky and Ti.

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