[LETTERS to the editor]]No to second Cold War

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[LETTERS to the editor]]No to second Cold War

The recent fighting between Russia and Georgia has clearly shown the possibility of a resumption of the Cold War.

With a disproportionate response [to Georgia’s assault on the secessionist region of South Ossetia] , Russia brought South Ossetia and Abkhazia under its military protection, adding pressure on Georgia, which vowed to resist these areas’ moves for independence. Even though Russia announced it would withdraw its troops from Georgia, practically nothing is happening.

We all have to remember that Georgia had been part of the Soviet Union and has since become staunchly pro-American. The current conflict between Russia and Georgia would seem to be an intended result in Russia’s efforts to regain its hegemony as in the time of the Soviet Union.

The Cold War ended due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and eventually led to unilateralism by the United States.

Russia, which has since declined [in political and economic clout], has gained higher status in recent years thanks to Vladimir Putin. It has been in a hostile relationship with the U.S. for decades and is now finally turning a new phase.

Georgia has been a thorn in the side of Russia for its democratic and American-influenced values, and as such was a most likely and vulnerable target for Russia to show off its power to the U.S. and the West.

The Russian invasion of Georgia was, to be sure, a Russian declaration of war to the West. It is very likely that a second Cold War is soon going to break out, or has probably started.

If the undermining of Georgia is successfully achieved by Russia, the situation would get even worse, as it would mean a higher possibility that Russia would proceed to move on other former republics under the Soviet Union. This would eventually result in a new Cold War between Russia and the West.

To prevent that, it is extremely essential for the West to come up with appropriate measures that would peacefully integrate Russia into the international community.

Although I myself did not live through the Cold War, I am aware that the era was full of tension that was always at the brink of bringing the world into the Third World War.

There is no need for another Cold War and it should never happen again.

A Cold War always implies the possibility of a hot war.

A hot war in modern times, especially between the West and Russia, would annihilate the whole world with their newly developed weapons and absolute superiority in military systems.

It is now urgent for the West and the world’s alliances to cooperate more actively not only to prevent Russia from attacking any states that were formerly in the orbit of the Soviet Union, including Georgia, but also to include Russia as a responsible member of the world community.

When a world war comes again, it will no longer be “cold.” It will mean doomsday for the world.

Chung Eun-Jee,

Sookmyung Girls’ High School
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