Should we just sit back?

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Should we just sit back?

Controversy is erupting over possible sudden changes in North Korea.

On one side, people maintain that the government must put all its efforts into preparing measures as sudden changes will likely happen in the near future.

On the other side, people try to stop these efforts, saying that it can upset North Korea.

They argue that OPLAN 5029, a military plan drawn up by South Korea and the United States, shouldn’t be pursued because China will resist.

When former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt visited Korea in June 1989, he said that it looked like Korea would be reunited before Germany.

But only five months later, the Berlin Wall collapsed. There is no guarantee that the same won’t happen to North Korea. If so, North Korea’s case will shock the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. Its effects will be incomparable to those from the emergency in East Germany.

North Korea has nuclear weapons and a militarized population while its economy has fallen to a bottomless pit.

Therefore, it is unbelievable that some maintain we should be careful not to upset North Korea.

Do they mean that we should just sit still just to have talks with North Korea while neglecting the survival of South Korea?

There is also the question of China and its interests.

In case of an emergency in North Korea, South Korea has no power to intervene in North Korea.

But the United States is ready to intervene on its own, if need be.

In 2005, the commander of the U.S. 7th squadron said that if something happens to the security situation in North Korea, it would go in and help restore order. Therefore, we have to cooperate with the United States.

Based on firm cooperation, South Korea and the United States should have talks with China.

The argument that cooperation between South Korea and the United States will make China resist is intended to create a divide between South Korea and the United States.

We shouldn’t panic as if North Korea will collapse immediately.

However, we shouldn’t close eyes to the future of North Korea.

The government must draw up measures in case of an emergency and work for the national interest.

It should not fear any party in doing so. If necessary, OPLAN 5029 should be pursued.
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