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Control (15)

Music, Biography / 119 min. / English

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The Bank Job (15)

Thriller, Crime / 111 min. / English

This film is inspired by the real events behind a bank robbery in London in 1971.

Terry (Jason Statham) is a car dealer with a dodgy past who has cleaned up his act and gone straight. But Martine (Saffron Burrows), his ex-girlfriend, offers him the chance to lead a seemingly foolproof bank heist. Terry considers this a once in a lifetime opportunity and recruits a crew that tunnels into the bank to steal millions. But there’s a catch: Martine is after the contents of a safety deposit box that contains compromising photos of a British royal and other inflammatory material. Now Terry and his gang have everyone on their tail including MI5, the British secret service.

My Sassy Girl (15)

Comedy, Romance / 92 min. / English

Charlie (Jesse Bradford) dreams of a stable life but his plans go awry when he bumps into a drunken woman, Jordan (Elisha Cuthbert), passed out in a subway station. Jordan is stunning and Charlie falls head-over-heels in love with her. But the free-spirited Jordan is not an easy person to be around and their attempts at dating misfire each time.

This film, a remake of the Korean original, is directed by Yann Samuell, who made the French romantic comedy film “Love Me If You Dare”.

Fly Me to the Moon (All)

3D Animation, Adventure / 84 min. / English

This 3D adventure stars three flies who dream of becoming the first insects to land on the moon by hitching on the historic 1969 Apollo 11 spaceship. Nat (Trevor Gagnon) hears a fascinating story from his grandfather, who was hiding aboard Amelia Earhart’s flight across the Atlantic. He is greatly inspired by the tale and secretly plans to hide on Apollo 11 with his friends: IQ (Philip Daniel Bolden) and Scooter (David Gore).

However, contrary to their expectations, the spaceship malfunctions. Misfortunes don’t come alone. A fly spy Yegor (Tim Curry) who lost in the space race tries to sabotage the computer flight plans. Can our little heroes get back to Earth to see their families again?

Body of Lies (15)

Thriller, Action / 128 min. / English

After a rash of terrorist bombings in Europe, and threats of those to take place in the United States, CIA operative Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) seeks to track down the Al Qaeda cell responsible. The CIA’s only lead is a safehouse in Jordan, which Ferris hopes to infiltrate with the assistance of the Jordanian intelligence head Hani (Mark Strong).

But, as Hani repeatedly reminds Ferris, trust is of the utmost importance in Jordan. And while Ferris is acutely aware of this fact, his handler, Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe), chooses to ignore it. As Ferris attempts to work transparently with Hani, he’s constantly stymied by Hoffman, whose only priority is saving Ferris’ skin. Can Ferris dodge the gunfire and bureaucracy and complete his mission?

Painted Skin (15)

Fantasy / 103 min. / Cantonese

So Wui (Xun Zhou) is a woman with mesmerizing beauty who is subject to the torment of an evil warlord.

But lucky for So Wui, her beauty wins her the attention of General Wang (Kun Chen), who protects her. When he brings her home, mystery seems to surround her. But as time passes, a number of corpses missing their hearts begin to appear on the grounds of Wang’s home. It turns out there’s more to So Wui than meets the eye, yet her murderous tendencies take on more of a fantastical, rather than horrific, air.

Tokyo (15)

Drama, Omnibus / 111 min. / Japanese

This omnibus film comprises three segments, by Bong Joon-ho from “The Host”, Leos Carax from “Mauvais Sang”, and Michel Gondry from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

The first segment, “Shaking Tokyo” by Bong, is about a hikikomori (a person withdrawn from social life who seeks extreme degrees of isolation) who breaks out of his lonesome lifestyle after 11 years to look for a pizza delivery girl. What he finds is stunning: There are hikikomori everywhere in Tokyo.

Carax’s “Mad Man” stars a filthy, awkward-looking man who appears from the gutters of Tokyo and strikes horror in the hearts of the city’s residents. He is arrested, but no one’s really sure whether he’s innocent or guilty.

Michel Gondry’s “Akirawa Hiroko” is about a woman named Hiroko who follows her boyfriend, an aspiring movie director, to Tokyo. One day, Hiroko finds herself incapable of doing anything, and embarks on a path of self-discovery.

Piano, Solo (15)

Drama, History, Music / 105 min. / Italian

Luca Flores (Kim Rossi Stuart) is a well-bred Italian boy growing up in Africa who has a unique gift for the piano. His life flourishes until a tragic accident tears him down. Trained in a renowned conservatory, he grows up to become a lauded jazz pianist and is given the opportunity to perform globally.

It seems that just about everything is perfect in his life when a painful incident disturbs the harmony he’s found.
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