[LETTERS to the editor]Beef up punishment on wrongdoing

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[LETTERS to the editor]Beef up punishment on wrongdoing

Regarding the editorial “Deserved punishment” (Oct. 18) for the Seoul councilors involved in a bribery scandal, my opinion is that changing the election system is not enough. We should strengthen the punishment that offenders receive.

Nowadays, many politicians think lightly about breaking the law. Bribery cases are increasing. They tend to ignore the law because of light punishments handed out to them. I think that honesty is one of the most essential expectations of politicians. To stamp out bribery, the government must take steps to reinforce penalties.

Politicians should spend more time seriously considering who they are. They need to set examples because they are the people’s representatives and leaders. For their part, voters have to change their attitudes about elections. You should not vote for a candidate who once broke the law for involvement in bribery, for example. That will be an efficient way to stop politicians from committing scandalous practices. In addition, instead of focusing on a candidate’s party, emphasize his morality and skills.

Let’s join together to make our society a clean one. In order for that to happen, it is necessary for a stringent new law on politician’s illegal acts to be legislated as soon as possible.

I strongly recommend the government punish implicated politicians severely as a warning to others.

Peter (owsyji@chol.com), Seoul

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