[LETTERS to the editor]The wages of economic success

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[LETTERS to the editor]The wages of economic success

Regarding the article “Survey finds youth lacking morality” [Oct. 23], I think the reasons behind youths’ lacking morality is the materialism that is surging in our society, which plants the wrong values in some youths.

Our country enforced an economic growth policy, making it the national priority, in order to overcome poverty after the Korean War. Our nation clung to the effects of economic growth rather than to the process of achieving it.

Morality and justice came under pressure in all social spheres and materialistic values for the most part occupied people’s sense of values. Since our society places a high priority on making lots of money, moral insensitivity has appeared in both adults and teenagers.

The first logic of economic growth which is competition and the pursuit of profit is applied to school life, so getting the highest grade is all that matters.

Besides democratic values such as concern for others, observing rules, respect, trustworthiness and self-discipline are disregarded.

Schools don’t educate students in the ways of good humanity and desirable attitudes of life. Schools have degenerated into training for superiority in grades, so teenagers have come to lack morality.

Making money is the most important skill that youths have learned from their parents, therefore, character building such as ethics, morals and self-awareness is disregarded.

In order to change this, irregularities and corruption among leaders must be scrapped. Schools should put priority on humanism in education rather than focusing primarily on entrance examinations. Parents should encourage their children to reach for their dreams rather than only emphasizing hard study.

Mira Lee, Seoul
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