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Act like a president

President Lee Myung-bak made an inappropriate remark in a meeting with Korean residents in Los Angeles, the United States. His comment that people who buy stocks will be rich within a year was entirely uncalled for, and should not have been uttered by a president.

It is the place of securities firm analysts to make such comments. The president is not the person to predict the movements of the market or to sell stocks. His job is too important for him to be making such assured predictions about uncertainties. The president has tremendous influence in determining the future of the country. He should not lose the trust of the people through irresponsible forecasts.

President Lee’s expression was undignified and illogical. He said it was a time to buy stocks, but also that the economy was headed for a very difficult year. It makes no sense to say that you can get rich by buying stocks when things are expected to get worse. It sounds like the empty words of a bluffing businessman.

The president said that he was just being optimistic in a bid to inspire hope in difficult times. He should indeed be providing the people with hope, but it’s difficult to do so with irresponsible and undignified words. Such comments can affect his and the entire country’s credibility. The president should be able to choose words that are worthy of his position. He should be earning the trust of the people through his policies, not through rosy remarks.

Instead of saying that people can get rich if they put their money in stocks, he should promise to revive the economy through specific measures. He should inspire people to buy stocks voluntarily as a result of actions he takes.

This wasn’t the first time the president has made such inappropriate comments. In order to prevent the same mistake from happening again, Lee must realize how serious his position is. He can practice his speeches, just as Barack Obama did when he was little, in order to fix his accent. Or, he can do as Vice President-elect Joe Biden does - not say anything other than what his aides have written for him to say. Biden used to make inappropriate remarks often, but he didn’t make any mistakes during the presidential election campaign, and received compliments from Obama’s camp.

Lee should not take the post of president lightly. He must change before our country can become a leading country in the world and earn the respect that it deserves, as he himself has emphasized.

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