[LETTERS to the editor]A clarification about ‘German kimchi and reunification’

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[LETTERS to the editor]A clarification about ‘German kimchi and reunification’

I would like to refer to the article by Mr. Brian Lee in the JoongAng Daily [November 25], “German kimchi and reunification.”

I have always highly appreciated your newspaper’s genuine commitment to professional journalism. Unfortunately, the interview ... contains political inaccuracies, which I have to correct.

For instance, it is mentioned that I offered an ultimate proof for the fact that there was no discrimination after German unification by a “... story with overtones of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s recent victory ...” However, I did not comment on German unification in light of Obama’s election result at all since there was no connection. In addition, the interview took place long before the presidential election in the United States.

The parts of the interview touching on Nazi-Germany’s crimes may give rise to the idea that I suggested post-war Germany should serve as an example for Japan. This is entirely not the case. The comments on Japan’s and Germany’s past reflect entirely Mr. Lee’s own thinking and interpretation.

Dr. Norbert Baas German ambassador to Korea

Editor’s note:

The article “German kimchi and reunification” was published in the “Kitchen Talk” column, a weekly feature that appears every Tuesday on the Global Village page. It was our reporter’s story based on interviews with ambassadors or their spouses, the first topic of which concerned each country’s traditional food. The column contained the reporter’s observations and interpretations as well as the interviewee’s actual remarks. We think we made a distinction between them. However, if it caused an unintended misunderstanding, we express our regret.
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