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[LETTERS]Keep education strictly fair for all

“Academic autonomy” suggested that schools should be free to select their students for educational effectiveness and competitiveness.

I strongly disagree with that opinion. First of all, what is educational effectiveness? We shouldn’t overlook educational fundamentals. Education needs to have an important role to help many average students, even including underachievers, improve their level rather than focus on just advanced-level students. Of course, we shouldn’t neglect the gifted students as well because it is important to foster gifted students.

However, the test for student admission should be fair, at least in the field of education. Also, it would be meaningful for an academy to prosper only with this fairness and acuteness.

Secondly, under-the-table dealings are rampant, despite the “Three Nos” educational policy to end corruption in education. Have people forgotten the leakage of examination papers at the Gimpo Foreign Language High School? In fact, no matter how strong this bridle is, corruption never disappears in our society. Also, increasingly more people are victimized. Therefore, if we accept students’ admission by donation, we legalize misbehavior and blur the value of education. How do we make our educational institutions crime-free zones?

What about competitiveness of education? There are many possible risks. Hectic competition among high schools and universities could enhance educational quality in general but it could also foment the emergence of schools seeking only commercial gain. These schools’ intent is just selling diplomas. It is the duty of the Ministry of Education to protect students from conscienceless institutions trying to misuse loose regulation.

As our society modernizes, more people think, “Money talks.”

Look around! Don’t you see the honest working class? The government should listen to their voices and give them the right of being educated with a more strict and secure system.

Kim Jung-min, a middle school teacher

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