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Bolt (All)

Animation, Comedy, Fantasy / 96 min. / English

As the canine star of a hit TV show, Bolt (John Travolta) lives every day with adventure, danger and intrigue - while he’s on camera. But when Bolt accidentally gets shipped from Hollywood to the mean streets of New York, he must embark on the biggest adventure of his life. This pampered pooch begins an odyssey to reach the arms of his owner and co-star Penny (Miley Cyrus). But unfortunately for Bolt, off camera, he doesn’t have the same super powers he boasts on TV. As he travels, he picks up some friends along the way: Mittens (Susie Essman), a discarded house cat, and Rhino (Mark Walton), a hamster.

Can Bolt overcome his delusions and find his way home? Or will he be just another washed-up star who can’t cut it in the real world?

Head in the Clouds (15)

Drama, Romance, War / 120 min. / English

Guy (Stuart Townsend), is a working-class Irishman leading an austere life on a scholarship at Cambridge in 1933. But then, one dark and stormy night, Gilda Besse (Charlize Theron) enters his life. Gilda, half American and half French, is a scandal maker in high society, yet the night leads to an unlikely, deep friendship and eventual romance.

Years pass, and one day Gilda writes to Guy, inviting him to Paris, where she is climbing the ranks of the art world with her avant garde photography. She lives with Spanish model Mia (Penelope Cruz) and a steady string of men. But with Guy’s arrival, Gilda’s life becomes idyllic - until the Spanish Civil War begins. As Spanish dictator Franco makes gains, Guy and Mia both find themselves drawn toward the conflict - leaving Gilda in the lurch.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (12)

Drama, Action, SF / 106 min. / English

This is a remake of a renowned sci-fi classic. Living as a single mother, scientist Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly) one day finds herself in a group of scientists summoned by the government. Their mission: to help Earth survive the impact of a foreign object from space. But as fate would have it, the object is in fact a spacecraft that lands safely in New York. Its inhabitant is Klaatu (Keanu Reeves), an alien in the form of a man who is there to decide whether Earth is still inhabitable, despite the damage that humankind has caused.

Klaatu finds himself targeted by the U.S. Secretary of Defense (Kathy Bates), who is determined to get rid of him. Helen and her son (Jaden Smith) find themselves caught in the middle of this epic, political battle.

Niko and the Way to the Stars (All)

Adventure, Animation / 80 min. / Dubbed in Korean

Niko the reindeer has only one wish: to fly. But because he has vertigo, everyone else except his best friend Julius, a squirrel, laughs at him. Niko learns that his father was one of Santa Claus’ legendary flying reindeer. One day, Niko overhears some wolves plotting to eat all of Santa’s reindeers. As Niko races the wolves to reach Santa first, he befriends Vilma, a beautiful weasel.

Will they make it to the North Pole and save Christmas?

Yes Man (15)

Comedy, Drama / 104 min. / English

Carl Allen is officially a “no” man. Saying yes to everything isn’t easy for anyone. But one day, Carl realizes that his life is too dull and decides to sign up for a self-help program based on one principle: to say yes to everything. Change is difficult but Carl starts off well by agreeing to everything, from bungee jumping to finding a date online.

This can-do spirit even gets him a promotion, but such an affirmative spirit isn’t so good in some cases. Will Carl be able to stick to his “yes” pledge, no matter the circumstances?

Journey to the Center of the Earth (All)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy / 92 min. / English

Scientist Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) discovers a note in his missing brother’s copy of “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” the Jules Verne novel. He considers this a clue to his brother’s whereabouts. With his nephew, Sean (Josh Hutcherson), he starts a journey to Iceland, where he enlists the help of a mountain guide. But during their trek, they are captured in a cave after an abrupt weather change, and fall through a tunnel to the unpredictable center of the earth. There, they find fantastic flora and fauna. Still they have to find their way to the surface although it seems impossible, as they are miles beneath the Earth’s crust.

Australia (12)

Adventure, Romance / 166 min. / English

An English aristocrat, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), goes to Australia to sell off the sprawling outback property she’s inherited from her deceased husband. But she soon finds that the 1,500 head of cattle on the land are worth more than the plot itself, and thus embarks on a journey of hundreds of miles. For help, Lady Sarah hires a rugged drover, or cowboy (Hugh Jackman), to accompany the cattle. Along the way, she ends up finding love - of the romantic variety with the drover, and of the maternal kind in Nullah, a mixed-race boy whom she seeks to adopt - all against the backdrop of the eve of World War II.

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